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Speak With A 2ft Medical Professional

2ft Orthotics has medical specialist such as orthopedic surgeons & podiatrists that you can speak directly with in several local languages.  Call one of our 2ft online specialists and describe your foot condition and be referred for a professional consultation at no charge!  There is no obligation and no consultation fees.  Call now and we will arrange your free consultation today.  Don’t put up with foot pain any longer! Relief is just a phone call away.



Call and speak directly with a 2ft Foot Pain Specialist and make an online appointment to speak with our medical professionals for free!

  • English Speaking Consultant Singapore 65 6735 6547
  • Mandarin Speaking Consultant Singapore 65 9147 2376
  • Mandarin Speaking Consultant Malaysia 601 6774 0799
  • Malay Speaking Consultant Malaysia 601 6227 0799
  • Indian Speaking Consultant Malaysia 601 6227 0799
  • “Instant Chat” on the 2ft Chat Line with one of our trained consultants who will be able to assist you with some further information.

    (NOTE: Chat is in the bottom right corner of your screen)

    100% Guaranteed or your Money Back!

    At 2ft you have nothing to lose but your pain!

    Within 10 days of wearing their custom made 2ft Orthotic our clients heel pain has stopped and they can walk pain free once again.  Visit our video testimonials page and listen to what our clients have to say about how 2ft Orthotics have changed their lives. You will hear unrehearsed statements such as; “no more pain”, “best investment I ever made”, “so important to my well being”, “I can walk for miles and miles”,  “I cant live without them”, “they fixed my knee pain and back pain”; the effect our custom made Orthotics have on our customers day to day life is magical to hear.  Try a test pair and feel the magic for yourself.  Don’t suffer with your heel pain a minute longer!  Don’t pay outrageous consultation fees, don’t consider unnecessary surgery.  Try our product and put an end to your daily pain.

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