Identify Your Foot Problem

2ft Custom Made Orthotics can eliminate the pain and discomfort and correct 12 common foot problems.  Below are images of the Pain Centres  (marked in red) caused by 12 common foot problems that can effect people of all ages. All of the problems shown below can have more serious effects on your body than the just the pain they are currently causing.  The pain is natures warning that more serious damage to your body is occurring!

An example is: Over Pronation creates Ankle pain, over pronated feet become Flat Feet.  Flat Feet will cause the Knees to turn inward which in turn causes the Hips to turn outward this then cause the body to twist at the base of the Spine which will likely pinch the Sciatic nerve causing never ending pain.  Identifying over pronation in children for example (use the 2ft home diagnostic tool) can put a stop to this cascade of injuries before they cause permanent damage into adulthood.

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