Why 2ft Orthotics ?

They Not Only Look Right; They Just Feel Right!

A Bio Mechanical Marvel!

View this 3D model using the control panel below the image and see how your Orthotic fits in your shoe.  The advanced bio mechanical engineering packed into every 2ft Orthotic can be seen clearly in this model.  Each part of your Orthotic has a specific purpose that heals your foot and makes walking a pleasure again. 

Your 2ft Orthotic fits most common shoes eliminating the need to buy specialty footwear. The arch of the Orthotic flattens as you put your weight on it and then springs as you walk assisting you by putting a spring back in your step as the surface of your Orthotic gently molds your foot into the correct shape.

100% Comfort Guaranteed or 100% Money Back Guaranteed!

Feature Packed, Immediate Relief.

Each 2ft Orthotic is packed with features our competition can’t match.  We back our product with a 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the resulting comfort and pain relief.  No other Orthotic manufacturer will dares to make such an offer! 

Your 2ft Orthotic is a world ahead of its rivals.  This is leading edge Bio Technology.  Want to put a smile on your face?  Try a test pair on at any of our branches and feel the difference immediately.  You’ll be glad you did.

2ft Custom made Orthotics for Kids with flat feet

Fix Your Child's Flat Feet

Our modern lives have consequences and one is a prevalence of flat feet in Children!  2ft custom Orthotics can adjust and realign your child’s Flat Feet in as little as 18 to 24 months to a normal shape.

The earlier you catch it the easier it is to fix. If your child is older than seven years and you can see signs of flat feet they need a custom made Orthotic immediately.  Don’t allow flat feet to impact on your child’s walking, running & sporting life.  Have them checked by one of our consultants at a location near you.

Make An Appointment

Book a time to try a test pair.

Take the 2ft challenge and try a pair on at one of our store locations.  Feel the instant relief that a 2ft Orthotic brings.  Our staff love this moment when they see the smile cross our clients faces as their pain disappears. Try a test pair today and make walking and standing a pleasure again. 

Chat with a pain specialist at no cost!

Select and click on a telephone link below to send them an SMS and one of our pain specialists will call you back immediately or you can call directly and speak with a foot specialist in your native language to answer any questions you have. 
There is no cost to you or obligation to purchase; we are happy to assist you.  It is our belief that the more informed you are with accurate information the better chance you have of making the right decision for your health and well being. Call now, we look forward to assisting you.

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