Sciatic Nerve


The sciatica symptoms one feels—such as nerve pain, numbness, tingling, weakness—are highly variable: they can include symptoms primarily felt in the buttock, or in the back of the thigh down to the calf, or even into the toes. If you experience shooting (throbbing) pains beginning at the lower back- passing through the centre of the buttocks, then extending down the leg towards the foot. It is more than likely you are experiencing sciatic nerve pain. This type of pain can be caused by bad posture as a direct result of your feet being misaligned.  This sensation is often most obvious early In the morning or after prolonged standing and walking.

Sciatic Nerve

The patient’s pain and specific sciatica symptoms can usually be traced to where the injured/irritated nerve originates in the lower back. Typical symptoms include:

    • Sciatica from L4 nerve root
      Symptoms of sciatica stemming from this level, the L3-L4 level, in the lower spine may include: pain and/or numbness to the medial lower leg and foot; weakness may include the inability to bring the foot upwards (heel walk). The patient may have reduced knee-jerk reflex.

L3-L4 Spinal Segment

    • Sciatica from L5 nerve root
      If the L4-L5 segment is affected, the patient may have weakness in extension of the big toe and potentially in the ankle (called foot drop).Symptoms of sciatica originating at this level of the lower back may include: pain and/or numbness at the top of the foot, particularly in the web between the great toe (big toe) and the second toe.

L4-L5 Spinal Segment

    • Sciatica from S1 nerve root Symptoms of sciatica originating at this L5-S1 level, which is at the bottom of the spine, may include: pain and/or numbness to the lateral, or outside, of the foot; weakness that results in difficulty raising the heel off the ground or walking on the tiptoes. The patient may have reduced ankle-jerk reflex.

L5-S1 (Lumbosacral Joint)

While the above types of symptoms are common, symptoms can vary depending on a number of factors, such as unique anatomical variances, and the degree and characteristics of the specific pathology.

Sciatic Nerve



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