Heel Pain in the majority of cases caused by a condition called Plantar Fasciitis. It involves inflammation of or a tear at the point of contact of one or more of three thick bands of muscle and tendon tissue (plantar fascia) that run across the bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone to the forefoot and toes.

The “Plantar Fascia” in conjunction with the “Flexor Digitorum Brevis” anchor your heel, and toes. This layered web of muscle and tendons in each foot act as a spring during each step. As your weight is transferred from your heel to the ball of your foot the web stretches and then rebounds.  This assists your foot to toe off giving you forward motion.

This type of injury can be caused by a plethora of possibilities, stepping from a bus or train, standing on a rock or stick, playing sport or jumping down from a height.

Generally the condition causes pain as you step out of bed in the mornings, stand or walk for extended periods, our stand on tip toe. The onset of this condition is often sudden and without warning.


Heel Spurs are the second and the more painful stage of Plantar Fasciitis.  Heel Spurs are formed as a direct result of the body trying to heal itself.  A heel spur is a build up of deposits of calcium at the points on the heel bone where the Plantar Fascia have torn or partially detached and become inflamed.  This is your bodies response to this type of injury, the build up of calcium is your body trying to reach out and reattach the muscle to the heel bone.

Heel Spur x-rayThe pointy deposits of calcium are like nails tearing at the muscle and tendon at the attachment point.  The pain can be and is most often agonizing and debilitating.  Your first steps in the morning can force you to wince in pain and limp to your bathroom.  The onset of pain is gradual and grows in intensity over a period of time.

Guaranteed Solution

A 2ft custom made Orthotic puts an end to your foot pain caused by this painful condition. 

Our promise is; no drugs, no pricey consultation fees, no more pain and its backed by the 2ft 100% Money Back & Satisfaction Guarantee.  

Your custom made 2ft Orthotic supports all three of your foot arches not just one.  It is designed to realign the ankle joint so the centers of gravity correctly transfer the compression forces of your body down to the ground as nature intended.  This ensures that your standing stance and walking gait normalize and work as designed.  The inbuilt torsion & compression bars take the strain from the Plantar Fascia and assist in putting a spring back intro your every step; making it easier to walk and run.  Our Orthotic is a marvel of engineering and it can significantly change your life. 

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