one Is your child complaining about Foot, Ankle or Knee Pain

two here is how to check your child's feet. Have your child dressed in shorts, with bare feet facing away from you and legs slightly apart as shown in the image of the child.

Our focus is going to be the ankles and lower legs. Stand behind your child approximately 1.5 to 2 meters.

HINT: A camera is also a helpful tool to take a close up of your child's Ankle/Achilles tendon from the rear view. This allows you to send an image to our staff for advice.

three assessment let's see how your child's feet carry
the load of their body
CHOOSE YOUR CHILD'S FEET (CLICK) Draw an imaginary line from the middle of the back your child's knees to the middle of the base of their heel as shown in the image to the left.

Now compare the shape of your child's feet to the three (3) images shown below and "click on the image" that is a match.

You must select an image to continue. When you click the image you will progress to the page that will explain what you are seeing.

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