pronated BACK your child's feet are "over pronated" "Over Pronation" means that, as your child walks they are "over rolling" their feet inward with each step. This will cause long lasting damage if not fixed.

The effects of this "inward rolling" gait, cascades to other parts of the skeletal framework of your child's body and can lead to future injuries that will continue and likely increase into adulthood.

Finding this now is good parenting! "In the majority of cases it can be corrected back to the normal range if caught early".

Note: Medical professionals will agree; most knee pain and back pain can be directly attributed to the torsion effects of pronation.

pronated medical Over Pronated Foot Over Pronated Foot Over Pronated Foot child pronation levels FORCE DIFFUSION SHOE WEAR PATTERN LEVEL 2 PRONATION LEVEL 1 PRONATION IDEAL WEAR PATTERN LEVEL 3 PRONATION

pronated medical Flat feet is the result of the arches in the feet collapsing; its often referred to as fallen arches.

Your child's foot will make a very flat footprint (see image) You can see this for yourself if your child's feet are wet and they quickly walk on concrete. Flat feet can make walking and running difficult and can lead to more serious ankle knee hip and lower pack pain.
pronation is linked to flatfeet

pronated solution Note: A trained '2ft Orthotics' technician will ensure the child's orthotics are not over correcting or under correcting. It is important that the Orthotics are adjusted every 6 months. Custom fitted Orthotics to reshape and realign the arches of the feet.
The 2ft Orthotics utilises a proprietary design and material technology that functions together to cause muscle resistance (builds foot muscle strength).
child solution

pronated medical The good news is that flat feet in children, in 90% of cases, can be corrected over a 24 to 36 month period in the vast majority of cases using a custom 2ft orthotic.

Since 1995 over 10,000 children have enjoyed comfort and correction.
4 to 12 years old is the optimal time for correction. After 12 years old correction takes more time.
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This section of the 2ft Orthotics website allows you to describe your child’s pain locations to our senior consultants who will then email you relevant information about the cause and solution.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Identify your child’s foot pain.

Step 2: Locate the pain areas on the pictures below

Step 3: Pinpoint the areas of pain using the grid reference
For example;  Pain in the heel;  D:11
Pain on the inside archD:17.

Step 4: Complete the form (below)


Get a "free" detailed report on your child's feet condition

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