A 2ft custom made Orthotic will give the best result without invasive surgery. Orthotics are regulators that when custom made for the individuals foot can not only relieve the pain of walking but realign the bones and reduce the deformity.Treatment of flat feet is appropriate if there is associated foot or lower leg pain, or if the condition affects the knees or the lower back. Treatment may include using orthotics such as an arch support, foot gymnastics or other exercises. In cases of severe flat feet, orthotics should be used through a gradual process to lessen discomfort. Over several weeks, slightly more material is added to the orthotics to raise the arch. These small changes allow the foot structure to adjust gradually, as well as giving the patient time to acclimatize to the sensation of wearing orthotics.

In a study performed to analyze the activation of the tibialis posterior muscle in adults with pes planus, it was noted that the tendon of this muscle may be dysfunctional and lead to disabling weightbearing symptoms associated with acquired flat foot deformity. The results of the study indicated that while barefoot, subjects activated additional lower-leg muscles to complete an exercise that resisted foot adduction. However, when the same subjects performed the exercise while wearing arch supporting orthotics and shoes, the tibialis posterior was selectively activated. Such discoveries suggest that the use of shoes with properly fitting, arch-supporting orthics will enhance selective activation of the tibialis posterior muscle thus, acting as an adequate treatment for the undesirable symptoms of pes planus.


It does this by rebuilding the metatarsal arch which has been made ineffective through the over use of high heel shoes.  Your custom made Orthotic also rebuilds the longitudinal arch and exercises the muscles in the sole of your foot and around your ankles adding strength and ensuring you avoid painful foot ailments such plantar faciitus. Further wearing your custom made Orthotic will reduce the deformity (the outward angle of the joint) over time normalizing the overall aesthetic of your forefoot.  It is important to understand that a portion of the bump caused by the build up of calcium over many years can only be reduced via painful foot surgery however your custom made Orthotic will reduce to zero the pain, redness and itchiness and the bump will reduce as the toe moves into its correct alignment.


2ft Orthotics tick all the boxes.  You have nothing to lose except pain and discomfort.


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