Your custom made 2ft Orthotic will realign the bones in your feet and strengthen the muscles of your foot and rebuild all of your arches back to normal over a very short period.  The Orthotic will encourage your feet to toe off and heel strike in the correct manner and bring the forces to the centre of your foot and not the outside edges.  You will have a new pain free spring in your step and walking will become pleasant again!  We 100% guarantee our product or your money back; who else can do that?


The 2ft Orthotic does this by rebuilding the metatarsal and longitudinal arch which hve been made ineffective.  A person with combination foot will have signs of both over pronation and over supination, generally one will be more pronounced than the other.  Your custom made Orthotic exercises the muscles in the sole of your foot and around your ankles adding strength and ensuring you avoid other painful foot ailments such plantar faciitus.


2ft Orthotics tick all the boxes.  You have nothing to lose except pain and discomfort.


If you order online now no matter where you are located in the world you will receive additional benefits and discounts.  Even if you live close to one of our outlets and are able to visit us personally we strongly recommend you order online before visiting for foot scanning and pick up and take advantage of these savings.

Your secure transaction is carried out via PayPal express (you do not need to be a PayPal member to use PayPal express)which guarantees your purchase via the PayPal buyer protection plan.  You can read about PayPal customer protection plan here.

Please note that 2ft Orthotics Pte Ltd do not hold any of your transaction details on our system.


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NOTE: (This purchase is covered by the 2ft Orthotics: 100% Money Back Guarantee.)



Visit our client testimonial pages and see and hear our clients speak about how our custom made Orthotics have changed their lives for the better.  See the happiness and joy for yourself.  “No More Pain”!  It really is true…..



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