What causes Heel pain

What Causes My Heel Pain

The first thing we are often asked is “what caused the onset of my heel pain”?  To understand this we must first define the difference between “onset & cause”.

  • ONSET: This means the “event” that triggered the pain symptom, of an underlying cause.
  • CAUSE: This means the underlying medical condition/injury that is the root cause of the pain symptom.


The “onset” of the pain can be the result of some of the following life events;

  • Suddenly walking longer distances. (possibly while on holiday)
  • Jumping down from a height or a step. (stepping off of a curb or bus or a train)
  • A sporting event that involves walking running or jumping. (basketball, netball, badminton, squash or similar)
  • Walking in an old pair of comfortable shoes that you have not worn for a period of time.
  • Suddenly standing on an uneven surface such as a stone or stick.


Of the 12 common foot problems, 4 in particular can be the underlying cause of heel pain.  They are “heel spur” “plantar faciitis” “over pronation”, “tendonitis”.  The causes of heel pain are generally well established in medical science. These causes can be alleviated in the majority of cases using custom made Orthotics.  Click on the images at the bottom of this page for accurate descriptions of each of these underlying causes.

Understanding Your "Gait" Cycle

Simply put a persons gait cycle is the way they walk.  It is the way your ankle rotates to make each part of a step.  During a step your ankle joint moves your foot between four positions.  To easily picture this you can relate these right foot toe positions to points on a compass.

For example, North: Heel Strike, West: Pronation, Centre: Neutral,  East: Supination and South: Toeing off.

Foot injuries & deformations are generally caused by over rotations in one or more of the North, South, East or West ankle rotations as you take each step. Over rotation causes the Neutral position (when one foot is carrying the weight of your whole body) to deform by over correcting.

As a result each type of deformation of the foot creates a different shape foot print. Each foot condition can generally be analised easily by the foot print a person makes as they walk. Each condition mentioned below will have a link to the conditions called “Gait Cycle Analysis”. Please take the time to view and compare your gait cycle and your foot print.



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