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Description: Combination Foot

A Combination foot also known as a Rock & Roll or Elvis foot is a foot that both over supinates and over pronates with each step.  This means that the foot does not strike the ground in a flat planar way but rather on the heel strike and forward motion the foot is angled outward extremely (over supinating) and then angles inward (over pronating) during the toe off stage of the step.


Combination foot is caused by an abnormal walking gait.  A person with this condition both over pronates (steps using the inside edge of their feet) and Over Supinates, (steps using the outside edge of their foot).  The condition appears mostly in children and less so in adults.  The condition can be hereditary.

Factors for Combination Foot include:

  • Walking gait abnormalities,which place excessive stress on the ankles
  • Over Pronation
  • Over Supination (Under Pronation)
  • Running or jogging, especially on hard surfaces
  • Poorly fitted or badly worn shoes, especially those lacking appropriate arch support
  • Excess weight and obesity
  • Having either flat feet or high arches


People with combination foot often complain of an aching pain in the sole of the foot after standing for a prolonged period of time.  Pain on the outside and inside edges of the foot.  Calluses on the outside and inside edges of the foot.


Specialists will first check the shoes of a person they suspect of having combination foot and look for excessive wear on the inside and outside edges of the heel and forefoot. 

A specialist will observe the walking gait of a patient from behind.  The patients sole will be checked for calluses and corns on the outside and inside edges.


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