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A high arched foot predisposes an individual to a variety of symptoms because of the manner in which this type of foot absorbs force. The excess loading on the base of the big toe can predispose people to develop sesamoiditis and sesamoid fractures. Traction forces lead to repetitive loading of the tendons on the outside of the foot and therefore predispose patients to develop peroneal tendonitis. Compression forces are increased on the inside of the ankle, which makes damage to the inside (medial) aspect of the ankle joint more common potentially leading to talar osteochondral injuries or even ankle arthritis. The structure and loading patterns of a high arch foot also make it more susceptible to: ankle sprains; fractures on the outside of the fifth metatarsal (Jones fractures); and pain directly under the great toe (sesamoiditis).


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Custom-molded orthotics will give the best result without invasive surgery. Orthotics are splints or regulators that when custom made for the individuals foot can not only relieve the pain of walking but realign the bones and reduce the deformity.


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