Bad Feet Create New Injuries Across Your Body!

It comes as a surprise to most people that your feet can actually cause lower back pain, shoulder or even neck pain! In fact if your feet are misaligned, your whole skeletal structure “IS” misaligned as a result.  This can cause, toes, sole, heel, ankle, knee, hip, lower back, shoulder and neck pain.  How is this possible?

Your feet are an engineering marvel that have developed over millions of years.  Its a scientific fact that walking upright came long before bigger brains in hominids. Our thigh bones angling in towards our knees precisely is what allowed humans to transform from all fours to upright walkers.  Its an amazing but very true fact! Its the angle of the bones that makes walking upright possible for all of us.  These angles redirect the forces of gravity evenly to the feet.

All of the forces that act on your body daily (compression, shear, torsion, etc) are transferred down to your feet.  The exact same engineering occurs in a building.  All of the forces are transferred via the structure to the foundation.  If the foundation is not stable then neither is the building and it will crack and lose some of its structural integrity and in the worst case it can collapse.  Your body is exactly the same!

If the forces acting on your body are not transferred evenly to your feet a cascade of injuries occur across your body.  2ft Orthotics realign your feet into the position nature meant them to be and as a result they bear the weight of your body evenly.  2ft Orthotics ensures all of your joints align correctly and are not injured or worn in odd ways.  2ft Orthotics ensures that the centre of gravity is in the correct position within the skeletal framework.

Your feet are your bodies foundation; you must keep them aligned correctly.  If you do not; pain and joint damage are inevitable.


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