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2⋅ft has been established in Singapore for over 21 years!  It is said “if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life“.  Every day our staff have the thrill of improving the lives of everyday people like you; and they love it! Our customers come to us daily with stories of how our products have made a significant difference to their lives and the lives of their families.  Our staff love their stories.  Click here to listen to our customers speak about their 2⋅ft experience. You don’t survive in this tough market unless you have something very special to offer.  2⋅ft has improved the lives of tens of thousands of Singaporeans by ending their foot pain!  They can improve your life right now!  Click here to learn how. 2⋅ft was established in Singapore in 1994 and has successfully traded ever since.  Our staff are dedicated to significantly improving the lives of our customers; and we do it every day, 24/7; it is what gets us out of bed every morning ready to help others.


2⋅ft introduces new laser scanning technology that significantly improves the customization process!  Recent developments in 3D scanning technology means your feet can be scanned in both pressured and resting positions to within an accuracy of .5 of a millimeter! Each of your feet is slightly different and requires a slightly different customisations to suit each foot.  We once relied on the skills of our shaping staff to make these minor adjustments.  Our new 3D scanning technology takes out human error and ensures an exact fit first time and every time.

Body Scanning Technology


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